The True Calling


The True Calling


Be careful little eyes what you see

As what you see, may block your vision


Be careful little ears what you hear

As the noise you hear may silence your listening


Be careful little hands what you touch

As the feel from your touch may make you insensitive


Be careful little mind what you think

As the thoughts that occupy your mind will enslave you.


Pray pray pray


To transcend the bombarding information

And prepare to silence

To listen to the omnipresent message

– The true calling.

About the author

Sundararajan Krishnaswami

I believe in shaping the personality of today's youth to make a new society tomorrow, committed to education, constantly working on improving the pedagogy, content, and delivery, through innovative practices of facilitating learning among young adults. I have an uncompromising stand on ‘Integrity’as a value. The process is more important than the result, and if the process is perfect, then one need not worry about the result. Data without logic is absurd. Data by itself is impractical. I have a
rare combination of Logic, Epistemology & Analytics.

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