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09 January – An Inspirational Thought for Each Day

Written by thamizhmozhi

When You Think Of God

Saint Ramalingam once said, “When I repeat God’s name, it is not only my tongue that repeats it; my whole body, my bones, my flesh repeat it. I feel that everything is melting.”

Imagine that your beloved friend or partner went away somewhere and after five years he or she is returning. You are waiting at the airport and watching the customs gate as the passengers come in. The minute you even catch a glimpse of your loved one, how your heart pounds. Have you ever experienced that?

You should experience at least that much when you think of God. If that happens on the ordinary, physical level, imagine how much greater it is at the higher levels. So you should develop that. You can develop that. That is the purpose behind constant repetition of the mantram, constant remembrance through prayer.

Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi

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