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04 March – An Inspirational Thought for Each Day

Gayathri Srinivas
Written by Gayathri Srinivas

See God’s Hand

If you have complete trust in God, you learn to accept whatever comes to you. There is no demanding in your life because you know, “Whatever I deserve, God is the one who is giving it to me. If I don’t deserve something, God is the one who takes it away.”

But God won’t come personally to take it away. He will say, “Okay, you! Take that away from her.” God works through somebody, even without that person’s knowing it. You don’t have to look at the person and murmur, “How dare she do that to me!” Instead, see God’s hand working through every other hand.

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Gayathri Srinivas

Gayathri Srinivas

Gayathri Srinivas a Social Entrepreneur from chennai. Managing Thamizh Mozhi Koodam, A Professional Tamil Language , Culture and Tradition Training Company. HardCore Rajini Fan and Part of Rajini Makkal Mandram

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